Rainbow Circle Throne Room Trod: First Nyahbinghi Elders Mission to the United States, May 23, 1988

The video documents the reception given to first delegation of Nyabinghi Elders to visit the United States by members of the Universal Rastafari Movement (URM). The reception took place on May 23, 1988 at the URM Headquarters located on 125th Street in Harlem, New York.

Ras Ikael Tafari reasons on TV program “In His Name”

A political sociologist, Nyahbinghi, member of the Barbados Pan-African Commission, and author of “Rastafari in Transition: The Politics of Cultural Confrontation in Africa and the Caribbean”.

A Call to Arms

Transcript of an address by Ikael Tafari to the Caribbean Historical Society, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. Trinidad. In commemoration of African Liberation Day, May 29, 2008. Bio by Ras Kaimoh, picture by Susanne Moss –