The 92nd Coronation Anniversary of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw

5th November 2022

Films, reasoning and reflections on the life, legacy and examples of Q’adamawi Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw. The Rastafari family comes together for this auspicious date in InI calendar.

The Garvey Wives, Amy Ashwood & Amy Jacques, and their contributions to the Garvey Movement

14th August 2022

In Honor of the 135th anniversary since the birth of the Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, The UBUNTU Movement in collaboration with The School of Sacrament Ras Tafari University presents this lecture.

Repairing African Legacies II

22nd May 2022

In partnership with the Ethiopian World Federation, Addis Ababa Local, and the African Historical Society. The second installment in a webinar series focusing on activism for the restitution of African objects looted by colonialism.

Repairing African Legacies I

10th April 2022

In partnership with the Ethiopian World Federation, Local 3, London. The first installment in a webinar series honoring the great Ras Seymour Maclean and his activism for the restitution of African objects looted by colonialism.

A Tribute to King Frank-I

6 March 2022

In commemoration of the 73rd Earthstrong of King Frank I Francis (5 March 1949), Ras Tafari Elder and Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to Ethiopia.

91st Anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen

1st Nov 2021

A celebration of the 91st Coronation featuring a contemporary presentation on the historical film-footage of the November 2, 1930, Grand Coronation, with multiple presentations from SOSACRU faculty and other Rastafari experts.

Introducing the Earth Most Strangest Man – Ras Mortimo Planno

12th Oct 2021

Commemorating the works of Ras Mortimo Planno, a legendary Rastafari elder, intellectual, and an inspiration for the School of the Sacrament Rastafari University.

The Future of Rastafari Studies

9 August 2021

A seminar from the 2021 virtual Summer School, with faculty from SOSACRU, including Ras Seku Tafari, Ras Shango Baku and other notable intellectuals and organizers.

Emancipation Day Ises 2021

1st Aug 2021

A commemoration of Emancipation Day 2021, as part of the SOSACRU Summer School, featuring ises with Ras IvI family and reasonings with Ras Frank-I, Ras Iyah-V and other notable Rastafari intellectuals and organizers.

Commemoration of the Royal Marriage of Ras Tafari and Menen Asfaw

31st July 2021

Commemorating the Royal Marriage as part of the SOSACRU Summer School 2021, featuring Sister Shamara Alhassan and Rasess Dr. Jahzani Kush reasoning on the cosmology, ethics and values of the marriage.

Honouring the Legacy and Important Contributions of the Women of Pinnacle and the Howellite Tradition

27 June 2021

A revelation on the importance of the Omega principle at Pinnacle, the legendary Rastafari commune, featuring Sister Shamara Alhassan, Sister Kathy Howell, Dr Michael Barnett and Dr Daive Dunkley.

African/Black Economic Liberation Day

25th May 2021

An engagement with the philosophy and practice of economic empowerment, in the context of Africa Liberation Day, from agriculture to business, with Bro Marcus Goffe, Sis Aisha, Ras Demus, Dr James Calvin, Bro Bill Howell, & Sis Thea Browne-Dennis.

Thanksgiving Grounation and Ilibration Ises

20th April 2021

A day long webinar, on the occassion of Grounation Day – the arrival of Haile Selassie I in Jamaica in 1966, with multiple presenters speaking on a diversity of issues from Ganja sustainable development, to the life of Empress Menen, to the legacy of the 1966 visit itself. Full program HERE.

The Battle of Adwa: Empress Taitu & Women Warriors of Ras Tafari

21 March 2021

In the context of historical Ethiopian personalities, the seminar honours the life and works of stalwart Rastafari empresses, Mama Fyah and Nana Farika Berhane.

The Rastafari Woman in Reggae

21st February 2021

A tribute to Queen Mother Dr. The Hon. Alfarita Constantia Marley – Nana Rita – with reasoning from Prof Carolyn Cooper, Dr Eleanor Wint, Dr Desta Meghoo, Sis Lorna Wainwright, Queen Mere Jah Evejah.

Rastafari and the Celebration of the Birth of Christ

10th January 2021

A deep dive into the philosophy, theology and cosmology of Rastafari and its relationship to the Tewahedo Ethiopian Orthodox Church, with reasoning from Dr Ts’gye Rachel T. Leslie, Bro Karl Phillpotts, Sis Keteis Brissett, and Priest Dougie Smith

Next Steps in Birthing a New African Identity

21st December 2020

The first webinar from SOSACRU, livicated to an examination of the dynamic energies of Empress Menen Asfaw, with presentations by Dr Jahzani Kush, Lalibela Institute, and Dr Shamara Alhassan, Arizona State University, with introductory greetings by Ras Seku Tafari and Elder Statesman Ras Irice Irons.